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Mistakes that Convert Your Home Move into Tale of Disaster

When you are moving from place to another, finding a good house or apartment in the equally good neighbourhood is…

When you are moving from place to another, finding a good house or apartment in the equally good neighbourhood is a very important step. But the real act of relocation starts after you have found them. Yes, moving your home is a complex and tiring job. While it can be exhausting and stressful, there are some hidden challenges that add to your woes.

These hidden challenges are moving mistakes and some of them are so common that these mistakes should be called blunders. If you want to get things right while you relocate from one place to another, it is better to be safe than to be sorry. Here are some of the common mishaps that turn a smooth move into a tale of disaster.

#1: The DIY Blunder

There are many homeowners who have an opinion that everything that is DIY is good for them. They try to save money by taking charge of the move, all by themselves. And this is when most disastrous mishaps happen. From couches getting stuck while passing it through doors and staircases to fatal accidents, there are many horror stories of DIY moving blunders. The truth is unless and until everything you own can fit into a suitcase; you should never try DIY relocation projects. Moving big and heavy furniture needs professional approach. Don’t try, if you are not sure you can handle heavy furniture yourself. It is ideal to call professional removalists that calling emergency help.

#2: Wasting Time Stilling Getting Packing All Wrong

Another thing people think to be easy is packing. They think it is easy to pack things themselves. Well, although these self-proclaimed packing experts take their time to pack, things might turnout to be ugly on the day of moving. While it might be easier to get the packing of small and lighter items right, heavy boxes are very difficult to handle. Finding a right packing box for each item needs expertise and packing items in wrong size box can make them unmanageable. Packing delicate items in a wrong manner can damage them.

#3: Labelling Disaster

Labelling is a very important step when you are packing items.  It is necessary to label fragile items so that they can be handled with care. If any such labelling or warning is missing, items can get mixed up and there is the possibility of manhandling. To get the packing and labelling right, the moving process should be highly organised. Labelling in a clear manner is crucial.

#4: Calling a Removalist in the Last Minute

It is often seen that homeowners try DIY moving tricks and call removalist when they fail or wait until the last minute to search for a removalist. If you do not book in advance, chances are that you might not find a removalist company that takes care of your moving requirements. This will result is unsatisfactory move and might also cause you damage. If you have decided to move, it is important that you plan your move well with a professional.

Professional removalist can help you move in an organised and smooth manner. Apart from that, you must also remember to take of insurance cover for your furniture and other items in the home before you move. You must not underestimate you move, you need to plan well to make it successful.


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